GoldLeo Audio Recorder

GoldLeo Audio Recorder Version 2.0 Free trial

Record and save all your audios using the easy way

Having trouble recording sound to WMA or MP3? There is an easy way out. The GoldLeo audio recorder is the solution. Apart from the fact that this software is easy to use; it will also allow you to record the audio from your sound card. The quality is not compromised and you will get the best quality. Whether it is sound coming from a microphone, CD player or line in GoldLeo audio recorder can record it all. Once you have recorded the sound, you can easily save them to either WMA or MP3 directly. You will get everything in one window and you will not have to spend time looking for them.

It is also easy to use and this means that anyone can use it. It also supports MP3 bitrate as from 8 up to 320 bps and WMA profile from 28.8 up to 128 kbs. Now, you have the solution in your hands. For the best quality recording do not look anywhere else that GoldLeo audio recorder. Do not waste your time getting audio recorders that have not yet been tried when you have this software. It will make your work easy while providing you with the best quality. Get it and improve your sound recording.
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